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Cum Challenge!

Another challenge for my pervvies and this of course is good for boys and girls, as all of them have tried to be.  This one, simple and easy… but a little bit of a stretch of some boundaries, but… thats the point right?  So here’s the short verison…

Leave the door open!

Need more specifics?  Get yourself worked up reading a sexy blog (maybe mine?) and get all hot and bothered to the point that you have to take a minute or two and unleash those pent up urges… and then do it.  But, you have to leave the door to whatever room you’re in open.  If you live at home, or with roomates, too bad.  Leave your room door open and take the risk of being seen!  If you live alone, or everyone else is just out of the house for the time being… head to the living room, and leave the front door open a bit.  The idea is not to be caught, but… to allow the chance (: 

Do you have what it takes to cum with an open path for anyone to come in mid orgasm and see you?  Prove it… 

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    Gonna try tonight.
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    Well I was up for the challenge and had a wank in the loos at work with the door ajar, was fun but didn’t get caught :(...
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